Monday, 22 July 2013

South East London

There isn't much to do in South East London on a Monday. Our original plan had been Eltham Palace, but the hot and humid weather didn't lead itself to a long bus ride.

Next plan Greenwich Ecology Park. Nice idea, but shut on Mondays. Next idea the Thames Barrier. I'd last been there in 2009 and the passage of time had dulled my memory on what a trek it is from the main road to the Barrier.

We arrived to find it delightfully quiet. There was a reason for this. Also shut on Mondays. Couldn't have put a sign up at the main road?!

We took the hints of fate at this point and went home via MacDonalds for lunch.

The Barrier frames The O2 and Canary Wharf

The Barrier frames The Shard

Gabion Wall shows the Thames

Modern stone circle

Derelict pub

Sustenance for the walkers

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