Friday, 24 April 2009

Oxleas Woodlands

Such a beautiful spring afternoon called for a walk in the countryside (or as close as you can get here in London), so I took myself up to Oxleas Woodlands. Covering the side of the hills just to the South of Shooters Hill these woods claim to be 8,000 years old, and provide fantastic views over Kent and London.

I arrive near the Cafe at Crownwoods Lane, and head off towards Jackwood House

All that remains of Jackwood House (demolished in the 1930s) are a few parts of the gardens; which appear contrast to the woodland path from which you emerge.

Back into the woods and heading off towards Severndroog Castle.

Severndroog Castle is not open to the public, but plans are underway to do so by 2010. The Castle and gardens provide fantastic views over London.

Looking out towards London (left) and back upo towards the castle (right).

Looking towards Crystal Palace (left) and up through the woods to the Castle (right).

Taking a shortcut back to the car, Central London just visible in the distance.