Monday, 29 July 2013

Museums of London

Whether you are a visitor or a London resident the Museum of London is a must visit. I have been a long-time fan. When I was young my mother worked nearby, and on days that we couldn't be occupied anywhere else we'd be sent off to the Museum (I think that is maybe where my love of London started). 

Located on the Barbican end of London wall; linking up to the high-walks the unprepossessing exterior hides a wealth of treasure relating to London and its history; from pre-Roman onwards.

Over the decades since I first visited there has been refurbishment and investment; and it provides a fun and educational day out for the family - and you get to see the coach that carries the Lord Mayor (elected annually and not to be confused with the Mayor of London) during the Lord Mayor's parade.

If you still want more London then there is a sister Museum; Museum of London Docklands. Located a short walk from West India Quay this focuses on the Thames broadly and the history of the Docklands area. Starting again back at the Romans and working through; an interest in ships is a big help at this one; although the recent history of the development of the area is fascinating.

Visiting either you will find cafes on the premises. The City version has a fantastic restaurant the London Wall Bar and Grill just opposite; and the Docklands version... well the are restaurants either side of the dock... when we visited we chose the Cat and Canary pub.

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