Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The V&A

Along Exhibition Road you can find some of London's finest museums. The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Musuem.
You arrive at South Kensington Underground Station and take an endless walk along a tunnel, popping out at your chosen venue.
The Museums are mostly free. There are special exhibitions that charge entry, and all the institutions encourage donations.
Neither of us had ever visited the V&A, but this won't be the last time as there is really too much for one visit. It is an eclectic mix of items for different cultures through a vast swathe of history; with additional galleries on costumes, fabrics and so forth (closed when we visited). 

We were lucky enough to see an exhibition based on a short book 'Memory Palace' sponsored by Sky Arts. You couldn't take pictures but you could buy the book. At the end you were encourage to draw a memory that would then be uploaded to the weekly boards.

My contribution outlined in red
Our wedding

The d├ęcor and exhibits spread over five floors and two wings are varied and surprising.

The garden courtyard is probably best enjoyed when the precipitation is at a minimum; sun shine had returned by the time we left and got a bus back to Baker Street; South Kensington twice in one day is too much!

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