Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cutty Sark and Greenwich

I hadn't visited the Cutty Sark in the best part of 15 years - certainly neither of us had been there since the refurbishment. It is amazing. No longer do you wander vaguely around the ship. There are now fantastic displays, interactive sections and very knowledgeable volunteers to inform you. The best bit is definitely getting to walk underneath the ship.

 After that you can take a short walk over to the Old Royal Naval College; visit 'Discover Greenwich', have lunch at the Old Brewery (surprisingly quiet and unknown) and take in the the Painted Hall and Chapel. You'll recognise the outside buildings from countless movies -'Pirates of the Caribbean' London; Gulliver's Lilliput; Paris in Les Miserables... and many more!

Model of the Cutty Sark
The route of the Cutty Surk
Looking up at the rigging
Dressed for bad weather
Steer the ship
Under the ship
Discover Greenwich

Old Brewery
Painted Hall
The Chapel

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