Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Royal Observatory - Steampunk'd

OT Royal Observatory

An album by nat_grove
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The Steampunk'd exhibition is at the Observatory until Late Autumn 2014. If you're a Steampunk fan then you'll love this; if not, well you don't miss out as the usual exhibits have moved down the hill (and that is quite a hill) to the National Maritime Museum. No longer free entry to the Observatory, but it is still good value for a history of time and longitude. If you've never visited before you can join the queue in the courtyard to have your photo taken standing with one foot in the east on the Prime Meridian. There are less photogenic options on a pathway outside, or the road down to the exit either side of the Observatory. Time your visit so you are in the park or down the hill and you can see the ball drop at 1 o'clock - for boats to set their time to Greenwich.

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