Sunday 31 March 2013

Surrey Docks Farm

Easter weekend, time off to spend time doing family things. So my cousin, her daughter, and I went to Surrey Docks Farm. Hidden away in a corner of London by the river this working farm is a fabulous way for city children to get a bit of the countryside. Even though the weather was a bit cold we had a great time seeing the animals and stopping for a bite to eat. We drew the line at a wander on the Thames Path afterwards due to the cold weather!

Orchard, and grapes (not yet) with added fowl

Turkeys are the first thing you see on the way in

One of the growing corners - I aspire to such herbs

The whole place is beautifully decorated

Family fun!

Ducks and geese... can be fed along with the goats!

Adult cows, there were also a couple of leggy yearlings

Fantastic group of pigs (and piglets)

Lord goat and his subjects; you can go in amongst the goats

Hen doing hen-type things

Sheep keeping warm in the barn

Two donkeys; rides are given at certain times

Canary Wharf overlooks the farm

Cafe inside; outside has a heater (luckily)

The Cafe is always open (the farm is shut on Mondays).

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