Saturday, 21 February 2009

City of London (Tall Buildings Part 2)

Before the 1990s most of the tallest buildings in London were to be found in the 'Square Mile', within the boundaries of the City of London. These, along with some more recent additions, form a distinctive part of London's skyline.

Here are some more buildings from the "London's 50 Tallest Buildings" list.

029 026

Number 5
Tower 42, formerly NatWest Tower (188m tall with 43 floors)


Number 6
30 St Mary Axe, The Gherkin (180m tall with 41 floors)
012 (2) 007

Number 7
201 Bishopsgate, Broadgate Tower
(161m tall with 35 floors)

Number 15
CityPoint (127m tall with 36 floors)

Number 16
51 Lime Street, The Willis Building
(125m tall with 28 floors)

055 057 002

Numbers 18, 19 and 20 - Shakespeare, Lauderdale and Cromwell Towers at the Barbican  (123m tall with 43 floors except Cromwell 42 floors)

Until the construction of the Pan Peniunsula Towers in Docklands these were London's tallest residential towers. The three towers, along with the whole of the Barbican complex are listed buildings.

027 St Pauls
Number 23
Aviva Tower/St Helen's (118m tall with 28 floors)
Number 26
St Paul's Cathedral (111m tall)
Making a surprise appearance on the tallest buildings list St Paul's is easily the oldest building on the list; illustrating who few really tall buildings there are in London at the moment.
028a  033

Number 32
99 Bishopsgate (104m tall with 26 floors)

125 Old Broad Street, Stock Exchange Redevelopment (103m tall with 27 floors)
damaged by an IRA bomb in 1990 this is a refurbishment of the original 1970s building

017 #43 (awaiting image)

Number 39
The Lloyds Building (95m tall with 14 floors)

Number 43
One Angel Court (94m tall with 21 floors)
045 032
Number 46
200 Aldersgate Street (91m tall with 21 floors)
Number 48
6-8 Bishopsgate (88m tall with 24 floors)


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